Imperial Wall

Imperial Wall



Beautify your sukkah with one-of-a-kind, realistic, vibrant, full wall size banner. High quality 13oz heavy duty waterproof vinyl. Will last from year to year and enhance your yom tov!


Available in 4 sizes:

8ft (96") wide  x 7ft (84") High

10ft (120") wide x 7ft (84") High

12ft (144") wide x 7ft (84") High

14ft (168") wide x 6.5ft (78") High





Feel like you are facing the kosel with a realistic looking window!



Wall artwork features: Ushpizin calligraphy artwork, eishes chayil, al hamichya, sukkos photos, kosel photo, chair, coffee table with machzorim, window drapes, chandelier, wall sconces, buffet table with tzedakah box, plant, silver esrog box, hadlakas neiros, candelabra and wall moldings.


SKU: 10012
  • What are Grommets?

    Grommets are small metal rings with holes in the center. They will be spaced all around the perimeter of the banner. It's great for hanging with nails or hooks as it will not damage the banner. The best part is that we won't charge you extra for it!


    (see photos above)